Premium All Inclusive

Enjoy the convenience of a Premium All inclusive holiday!

Premium all inclusive Package


The All Inclusive package includes in our “Mediterranean restaurant”:

Greek Breakfast certificated (american buffet) from 06:30 until 10:30

Lunch (complete buffet) from 13:00 until 14:30

Dinner (complete buffet) from 18:00 until 21:00

All meals are served at the main Mediterranean restaurant.

14 day meal plan with different theme nights 3 times per week.

In total 6 different themes ,Greek Night(gyros),Mediterranean (fish)BBQ night,Italian,Greece all around.

Separate children buffet (kids corner) with French fries,chicken nuggets,spaghetti with tomato sauce,vegetable nuggets e.t.c & daily Kids action from 18:00-19:00

During breakfast the following drinks are included:

-Filter coffee,cappuccino ,espresso,chocolate


-Tea (various flavours)

-Apple juice ,orange juice,cherry juice

-Mineral water & soda water

Lunch and dinner are accompanied by these beverages:

-Brand soft drinks (Coca Cola, Orangeade, Lemonade, Soda, Sprite)

-List of Premium wines(red,white,rose & retsina)

-Premium draught beer(0,4 L)

-Tea (various flavours)

-Filter coffee-espresso-cappuccino

-Apple juice, orange juice and  cherry juice



-Mineral Water  & soda water

All drinks are served during meals in the main restaurant.

Panorama-Gourmet Bistro

Beverages and Ice-cream

 Beverages included in the All Inclusive package are served at the “Panorama-Gourmet Bistro” from 10:30 until 23:30.

The following drinks are included in the All Inclusive catalogue:

Brand soft drinks (Cola, Sprite, Lemonade, Orangeade, Soda)

-Apple juice, orange juice and cherry juice

-Filter coffee, frappe, cappuccino, espresso

-Hot chocolate

-Ice tea and hot tea (various flavours) and chamomile

-Premium draught beer (0,4 L)

-Bottle of brand beers (Amstel,Mythos,Fix)

-List of Premium wines

-Brand aperitifs (Campari, Martini,Aperol)

-Brand liqueurs (Amareto, Baileys, Blue Curacao, Apricot, Cherry,Lemonzelo)


-A variety of cocktails(Mojito,Margarita,Cosmopolitan,
Screwdriver,Tequila Sunrise,Blue Lagoon,Pina
Colada,Cuba Libre,Caipirinia  and children cocktails)

-Brandy –Metaxa

-Brand Whisky (Johnie Walker ,J & B,Grants)

-Gin(Gordons,Beefeater, Empire)

-Tequila(Jose Quervo,Olmega)


-Rum(Bacardi,Captain Morgan)

Sonia Panorama Bistro & Aegean pool bar

Snacks & Ice – Cream

A variety of ice – cream flavours and Snacks are served at “Sonia Panorama Bistro” & “Aegean” pool bar  from 10:30 -13:00 and 15:00  until 17:00 in the afternoon.

Following snacks are included:

* Ice cream flavours,

*Cookies, biscuits & cakes

*Mini club sandwiches,tortillas,pizza slices crackers, small croissants,pieces of traditional pies

*daily special desserts, fresh fruits, fresh salad bowls


At the pool bar “Aegean” beverages included in the Premium All Inclusive  are served from 10:00 in the morning until 20:00 in the afternoon.

From 10:00 until 13:00 o’clock are served sandwiches,toast,ice creams

-Brand soft drinks

-Filter coffee,frappe,espresso,cappuccino

-Hot chocolate

-Hot tea and ice tea

-Mineral Water

-Premium draught beer (0,25 L)

-Premium Red & white wine


-Brandy -Metaxa

- A variety of cocktails(Mojito,Margarita,Cosmopolitan,
Screwdriver,Tequila Sunrise,Blue Lagoon,Pina
Colada,Cuba Libre,Caipirinia  and children cocktails)

-Orange,cherry ,apple  juice

-Wednesdays & Saturdays nights  until 22:30 o’clock(during events)


Costa- Costa

At the beach barCosta- Costa” from 10:00 until 18:00 o’clock beverages

-filter coffee ,frappe,

- Premium draught beer

- Brand soft drinks

- Ice Tea lemon

- Juices (orange ,apple ,cherry)

-Cocktails Pina Colada , Mojito ,Cosmopolitan ,Sex on the beach


2 cards WIFI high speed per room for all stay, 2 Sun beds & 1 sun umbrella per room.


Special notes:

-Alcoholic drinks are available only for adults (above 18 years old).

-There is a dress code at the “Mediterranean Restaurant” and at the “Panorama Bistro”


Resort casual. No beachwear. Cover-ups are required for breakfast & lunch.

Footwear is required in restaurants & bars at all times.


Smart casual. No beachwear in the evening.

-Guests that have chosen an All Inclusive basis must put on a special bracelet which they must wear during their whole staying at Sonia Resort.

-All drinks in “Mediterranean Restaurant” are full service.


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