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Covid19 information


Dear guests,

On behalf of the administration and human resources o Sonia Resort, we welcome you this summer with a customized hosted program which is responding to the new security measures and assimilates the necessary health protocols. With the new measures, the accommodation of our guests will be placed in a protected environment that ensures the quality of services.

Our personnel has been trained according to security and hygiene protocols considering all the necessary individual protection such as masks, face shields and disposable gloves. On daily basis every member of our personnel  is carried out with thermometer measurement, strict hand hygiene, keeping distances in all hotel areas, personal and respiratory hygiene and continuous training in each new directive, reflect the reliability and the feeling of responsibility of our human resources.

Additionally our employees must have - once a week - a negative self-test before arriving at their workplace.



  • Check in is from 15:00 and check out at 11:00.
  • For the Check-in in the reception we incorporate all the protective measures. The distances between the guests are maintained and there is an outdoor area for waiting in order to avoid the overcrowding.
  • To maintain distances, hotel applies an appropriate configure of the reception, by adding floor markings where the guest will stand.
  • A sanitation station is installed in the area of reception and personal protective equipment are provided if needed.
  • All surfaces are continuously sanitized.
  • We use electronic means for fast check-in and check-out and the key cards of the rooms are constantly sanitized.
  • We recommend the electronic method of settling payments.
  • Through our online application Sonia Resort we provide:
  1. Information for our guests about the policy of the accommodation and the measures that have been taken to deal with any incidents.
  2. Useful information for health providers, public and private hospitals, reference hospitals for covid-19, pharmacies in the area etc.
  3. Information about operating rules of the resort departments.
  • Our resort keeps archive of the people who stayed at the hotel-name, nationality, date of arrival and date of departure, contact information (address, telephone number, email), in order to make possible the communication with the close contacts with any Covid-19 impact, which may be identified afterwards.

Attention is paid to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and all guests are informed that an archive is kept for reasons of public health protection.

  • Entering in the room is strictly only for the residents. 
Guest rooms-cleaning

Guest Rooms-cleaning

  • For the rooms we follow enhanced security services, hygiene and cleaning.
  • We removed magazines, brochures, decorative things, coffee machines, couverture etc.
  • We placed protective covers for tv and air condition controllers.
  • We provide a daily basic cleaning without physical presence of the guests, the change of linen and towels is abolished and carried out only upon guest’s request.
  • We follow thorough surface cleaning like switches, door handles, knobs etc.
  • We have enriched the cleaning program by using special devices for air disinfection and professional steam cleaners(156◦c) for detailed cleaning and disinfection. Fabric surfaces (for example furniture upholstery) are cleaned with a steam device (temperature 156◦c).
  • Special attention is given to personal protective equipment of our staff to ensure both the health of staff and guests.
  • It is recommended the use of natural ventilation during the stay of the guests instead of using air condition, according to the instructions of the National Public Health Organization. The operation of air condition is at the discretion of the guest.
  • Air conditions are inspected and disinfected before every new arrival.

All Inclusive and Half Board program:

Services in “ Mediterranean” restaurant and ‘’Panorama Bistro’’ a la carte Restaurant are full service.

Services at ‘’Aegean’’ Pool Bar and at ‘’Costa Costa’’ Beach bar are self- service.

Mediterranean Restaurant

Mediterranean Restaurant

  • In all kitchen areas, we follow all the security and hygiene protocols.
  • Distances between personnel are kept and personal equipment of protection is used. We follow strict measures of hygiene like thorough food cleaning and strict protocol for the use of washing machines with certified cleaning and disinfection products.
  • When the guests are entering the restaurant, it is vital to use the sanitizing station.
  • Indoor and outdoor areas have been designed to ensure the required distances between table and guests.
  • We have created special signs to keep distances as also to avoid overcrowding.
  • Meals are served at self serve buffet .
  • We disinfect tables and chairs after every use with the appropriate disinfectants.
  • Also, there is a frequent cleaning of all common surfaces.
  • We recommend electronic method of payment (POS).
 “Panorama Bistro” a la carte Restaurant

“Panorama Bistro” a la carte Restaurant

  • We configured the area of Panorama Bistro ensuring the distances between the table seats, so our guests can safely enjoy the magnificent view of Toroneos gulf.
  • All services are full service.
  • In entrance as also in all common areas there are hand disinfection devices.
  • There is a continuously cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces that come in a frequent contact of our guests (knobs)
  • We clean the tables with special disinfectant after every use, as also the menus.
  • Our personnel have been trained according the hygiene and safety protocols and is equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment such as gloves and face shields.
  • In the kitchen area we follow strict protocol of cleaning food and disinfection of all utensils.
“Costa Costa” Beach Bar

“Costa Costa” Beach Bar

  • We configured the beach area between umbrellas and sunbeds so our guests can keep the safety distances from each other. 
  • We disinfect sunbeds and seats after every use.
  • The beach bar works in the form of self- service.
  • Common areas are thoroughly cleaned and disinfect regularly.
“Aegean” Pool Bar

“Aegean” Pool Bar

  • We arranged the pool bar area and we secured the distances between the tables, the seats, the sunbeds and the umbrellas.
  • Our guests have the obligation to use the showers before entering and after exit from the pool. 
  • The number of swimmers in the pool is limited and it is supervised by the lifeguard, according to the instructions.
  • We thoroughly disinfect and clean all the surfaces as well as table seats and sunbeds.
  • We ensure the quality of the water and chlorination with the use of our technologically advanced equipment and we strictly control our facilities according to safety and hygiene protocols.


  • Appointments are made at the reception desk.
  •  Between treatments we disinfect and thoroughly clean the area.


  • The gym area will operate after booking from the hotel reception area.
  • The use of the gym is allowed for one person only or two persons as long as they are staying in the same room. 
  • Before entering the gym as well as exiting it, it is mandatory to use the sanitize station.


  • We have updated the entertainment program based on hygiene protocols to ensure maximum safety of our guests.
  • We suspend the operation of mini club indoors. 
  • The entertaining program with the guidance of our trained and experienced animators will take place in the open spaces of the hotel.
  • Outdoor events are adjusted to the number of participants and the type of event.
  • We organize Live Music nights.
  • The use of protective equipment where necessary is mandatory.

Agora Market

  • At the entrance of the store we have placed a disinfection station for mandatory use by our guests. 
  • Distance and direction instructions are followed by special markings. 
  • The number of the guests in the store is limited so as to ensure that the distances are observed.
  • There is a continual cleaning and disinfection of the area, as also cleaning of objects as souvenirs and cards. A special steam cleaner is used for the clothing.

With a sense of responsibility, we are monitoring the developments and the updated recommendations of national and international organizations and we are pleased to welcome our guests, providing high quality services and our service “from the heart”, the philosophy which governs our company all over the years, the experience of authentic philoxenia.

Yours sincerely,

Management and Human Resources of Sonia Resort

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