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Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility

Within its broader framework, the Family Hotel “SONIA VILLAGE” undertakes initiatives and carries out activities which directly relate to the satisfaction of all stakeholders, such as the local community, customers, employees, suppliers, environment etc, implementing a balancing policy for the benefit of society on one hand and the benefit of the business on the other.

Within this framework our business launches a significant project including the following:

A. For the benefit of society

  • 1. Selecting and hiring our employees having as a priority to provide employment to local residents
  • 2. Contribution to the development of the local business initiative by awarding the construction, maintenance and repair of our facilities to local professionals
  • 3. Stimulating the development of the local economy giving preference to local materials and goods
  • 4. Support the initiatives of the local market concerning humanitarian and cultural activities (sponsoring, donation, etc)
  • 5. Providing to local factors and charities food supplies, bedclothes and devices (A/C, T.V, etc) in order to improve the living conditions
  • 6. Involvement in charity programs

B. For the benefit of our customers

  • 1. Continuous improvement of the quality service provided (animation, medical aid, internet, T.V., etc)
  • 2. Access ramps for persons with disabilities
  • 3. Electrolysis system for efficient disinfection of swimming pool water
  • 4. Daily cleaning of the beach

C. For the benefit of our employees

  • 1. Special care for assuring Health and Safety at work: a) implementation of safety standards b) adopting protection measures c) safety technician d) publication and distribution of health and safety information materials
  • 2. Ensuring equal gender opportunities as it refers to new hiring and hierarchy
  • 3. Continuous development of knowledge and capacities of our employees by implementing training and development programs
  • 4. Providing the appropriate work conditions and facilitate our employees when required
  • 5. Implementing a program called “towards the customer” , within which employees develop new method and undertake initiatives for providing quality service to customers. The best initiative is awarded

D. for the benefit of our partners and suppliers

  • Evaluation of the quality and reliability of service and products provided by suppliers and partners in respect of the register of certified suppliers of goods and services
  • Creating and strengthening a climate of trust and reliable collaboration

E. For the benefit of the environment
Our goal is to minimize the environmental impact of our hotel’s operation and activities. As a result our decisions and activities are driven by our willingness to preserve the environment. In respect of this goal we implement a project to upgrade and modernize our facilities and equipment, promoting energy conservation and its rational use. Our project includes in details:

  • 1. Energy efficient A/C
  • 2. Energy efficient lamps
  • 3. Gas installation in kitchens, laundry and tumble dryers, etc
  • 4. Installation of solar water heaters
  • 5. Recycling week
  • 6. Hotel committee for environmental hygiene and safety
  • 7. Glass, paper, plastic, lamp, oil, ink cartridges, batteries and electronic device recycling
  • 8. Tertiary wastewater Treatment
  • 9. Installation of water saving systems
  • 10. Monthly quality control of drinking water, swimming pool water and wastewater system

One of our priorities is to undertake humanitarian activities including the following:

  • 1. Blood bank and employee blood donation program
  • 2. Rooms for disabled guests

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