Beach Hotel in Halkidiki Gerakini Sonia Village

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Greek Hotel from Halkidiki Comes In First Place At RELACS Competition 2013

Welcome to Sonia Village in Halkidiki

At the tip of the most beautiful peninsula of Sithonia, in the heart of Halkidiki, just 60 km away from Thessaloniki, where green nature meets the Deep Blue, lies the seaside village Gerakini in Halkidiki.

Here awaits you a holiday paradise the hotel resort "Sonia Village".

The fact that the resort of Sonia Village is located in the central parts of Halkidiki, allows the visitor, the flexibility to explore both peninsulas, Kassandra and Sithonia, wich have endless shores of crystal clear waters, and a chance to live and feel Halkidiki’s cosmopolitan lifestyle, just as is the rest of Halkidiki. With its graphical villages, its rich nature and its cultural and archaeological inheritances.

Enjoy your holidays in Halkidiki and Sonia Village Beach Hotel!

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